Unexpected Cow Pics: Cows in Places Cows Don’t Belong

January 18 is one of the best and wildest holidays on the calendar: Cow Milked While Flying in an Airplane Day. On this day in 1930, Nellie Jay the cow became the first cow to fly on a plane. She went from Bismarck, Missouri to St. Louis, and she was milked on the flight. The flight was an exhibition of the plane’s abilities, but Nellie was the real star–her milk was put in paper cartons and parachuted down for onlookers below to enjoy. She was chosen for the flight because she was a very calm cow who was known to give lots of milk. After the flight, Nellie Jay became known as the Sky Queen!

Some ways to celebrate this day are to drink a big glass of milk, go milk a cow, or get on a plane. But we’re celebrating the best way we know how–with a roundup of on-theme photos! So for this day, to honor the Sky Queen, we’ve collected photos of cows in places that cows definitely aren’t supposed to be. As it turns out, cows are no stranger to breaking and entering! Some of them entered houses, others have just gotten…well, stuck in things. Enjoy these silly cows in silly places!


From Source Article: feeds.feedblitz.com

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