Adorable Bear Thinks He’s A Dog, Reddit Hilarity Ensues

Last week, Redditor u/A _ Walt_Whitman submitted a video of what simply may be the very best canine pack ever. I suggest take a look at them! These pits, huskies, and pinschers are hanging out with their finest friend–– a child brown bear–– and all 4 animals have the most significant smiles on their faces! Particularly the bear, and can you think those ears?

Of course, because the video was published to Reddit, the remark area was a gold mine of amusing remarks, stories, and concerns. Individuals kept raving how odd it is to see a bear imitate a canine, and how other animals can show those very same propensities too! One user had tales from the household farm about all way of animals imprinting on one another. Another indicated some web stories of canines and horses getting along, goats maturing believing their pet dogs, and all way of other zany animal mixes.

So, we did some digging to discover the funniest remarks in the Reddit thread. We could not stop, and kept looking for the funniest animal sets on the web! And let me inform you something, there was a lot to select from. Who could’ve anticipated a feline that believes it’s a fish? Or a zebra that believes it’s a lion? Ok, possibly these sets aren’t that insane, however checked out the remainder of the post and see on your own!


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