Goofy Dogs And Their Unbelievably Accurate Sense Of Time: Twitter Thread

If you are a pet owner, then one thing that you know without a doubt is that pets form habits super duper quickly. Especially dogs. You have to be careful with what you teach them. Like- we know that they are angels and can’t do anything wrong, but still… it’s enough for you to show dogs that you chasing them around is a game once or twice, and suddenly you’ll find them running away from you in the middle of the street, thinking that they’re playing while you’re chasing them and losing your mind. Digs will learn these things, and said dogs will use it to cause pawndemonium

That’s just what dogs are like, man. Dogs are loveable little weirdos, and they are far smarter than we sometimes give them credit for. They also have an insanely keen sense of time – that’s how they know to come over exactly when you wake up and beg you for food. They also use that sense to cause more madness, like this dog did in this person’s viral tweet. 


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