Cute but Strange: Aardvarks are the Wrinkly Prehistoric Babies You Never Knew You Needed

If you ever enjoyed Arthur as a kid, you may have a really manipulated concept of what an aardvark is expected to appear like. There are a number of errors to his character style, the primary one being, well … Arthur does not truly look anything like an aardvark. That’s all right, since this week is International Aardvark Week, which suggests it’s the best possibility for us to bring you some enjoyable truths and images of real aardvarks! As it ends up, they are sort of unusual and wrinkly looking, however they’re likewise lovable in their own unique method.

Aardvarks are the only enduring types of the order tubulidentata, so called for their very special teeth. The only other types that have actually been found of that order are ancient! The aardvark is kind of like a living time pill. They consume primarily termites and ants, and while they’re typically puzzled with anteaters, they aren’t carefully associated. Have a look at listed below our collection of enjoyable truths and amusing pictures of these wrinkly ancient animals!


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