Woman Finds Soulmate In Tiny Parrot (Video)

One of our absolute favorite things on the internet is seeing animals find their forever homes. True, it’s typically cats and dogs being adorable, but we also have the black cockatoo who rocks out to metal music, a rescued featherless bird who dances to music perfectly on best, and today we have the adorable story of a beautiful rescue parrot. This video has taken over our hearts. This is one of the happiest parrots we’ve ever seen. Belly up, playful, funny, and living life with so much joy in its heart. This is one happy animal, and no matter how many times it might have done something jerk-y, we would still be absolutely smitten by it. 

Parrots, in our opinion, are one of the most underrated animals ever. Just ever. They are so unique, they have so many weird and interesting habits. They have personalities and quirks, and every time we see any new story about parrots pop us, we find ourselves surprised all over again. Parrots can be total jerks – to humans or to other animals. Parrots can always be really friendly. We have seen a parrot become best friends with a dog. In any event, today’s story is so heartwarming, and we really hope that all of our pawsome readers enjoy it to the fullest. So without further ado, here it is!


From Source Article: feeds.feedblitz.com

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